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Narcotic detection dogs

Due to the increasing presence of narcotics in our society, the demand increases for detection and control: so-called narcotic control. Het Twickelerveld is specialized in the most effective form of narcotic control: the use of narcotic detection dogs.

In the global fight against narcotics, the use of narcotic detection dogs proved an effective and preventive effect. Regular narcotic testing is a signal that use and trafficking of narcotics is not tolerated, leading to reduced nuisance.

The detection dog teams are deployed for checking persons, vehicles and property. Inspections by the narcotic detection dog teams take place in a professional and discrete way, without the dogs posing a threat. To keep quality at a high level the detection dogs are continually rigorously trained and tested by Het Twickelerveld.

Het Twickelerveld has been active for several years in various (public) sectors, including:

Het Twickelerveld attaches great importance to quality and reliability. Special attention is devoted to intake, process description and final report.