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Narcotic control schools

Schools are increasingly faced with narcotic use among students and narcotic trafficking within the school. Het Twickelerveld makes narcotic testing in schools possible.

In cooperation with the schoolboard Het Twickelerveld sets a plan, in order to minimize the presence of narcotics. Lockers and classrooms will be inspected, but students can also be checked for narcotic possession. In addition, school directors and teachers will be informed about how to recognize the use of narcotics and how to deal with it.

It appears that narcotic testing in schools is a preventive and effective operation and helps to establish a zero tolerance policy.

"The Twickelerveld detection dog teams worked at our school and did an excellent job with our students: with humor and restraint they made sure no one felt threatened by this control. Besides, they were flexible in dates and times. The demonstration and information they gave to teachers showed how much experience and knowledge they have in this work. Within one year, our school was free from narcotics again, thanks to the team of Het Twickelerveld."

Wille Straathof
Director Grade College Hageveld