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Bomb Investigator IED course

IED stands for Improvised Explosive Device. During the Bomb Investigator IED course the professional search for improvised explosive devices in various locations will be discussed. In addition to realistic practical exercises and a demonstration with dogs, the theoretical side of (the search for) improvised explosive devices and the handling of a message will also be highlighted. Various search methods and procedures will be discussed. The Bomb Investigator IED course lays a solid foundation of knowledge and skills regarding bomb threats and safe handling of this.

The duration of the Bomb Investigator IED course is optionally three or five days, the training program depends on the number of course days. For participants who have already followed the three or five day training, there is a one day refreshercourse. The Bomb Investigator IED course is offered in cooperation with REASeuro (Riel Explosive Advice & Services Europe).